My experience of Velocity 2016

Hello, Eficode offers us a capability to apply for conferences and based on how good your explanation is you get to go there. In my case after reading Phoenix Project and hearing about Velocity I wanted to see what is the state of Devops in current day. Well what’s the state of Devops? It’s pretty […]



Devops 2017 in Stockholm

The most important Scandinavian Devops event is back, this time in Stockholm! Eficode and it’s business partners are arranging Devops 2017 in Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre (Address: Nils Ericsons Plan 4) on the January 26th. Devops 2017 includes top Devops experts and key note speakers. Come and get inspired and learn about Devops and how […]


Eficode and Arcada: Bringing Devops gospel to students

My name is Richard Weber, and I am a Senior Consultant here at Eficode. During September I was teaching a course for students at Arcada. We wanted to give schools the opportunity to offer a course in modern software development practices to their students. During the spring we at Eficode decided to contact schools with […]



Devops 2016 in Copenhagen

The most important Scandinavian Devops event is back, this time in Copenhagen! Eficode and it’s business partners HPE and Atlassian are arranging Devops 2016 at Mogens Dahl Koncertsal on November 9th. Devops 2016 includes top Devops experts and key note speakers. Event themes and confirmed key note speakers are: Leading the organization to and in […]


Security and Devops

On first day of Devops 2016 the topic of security in Devops processes was picked up by Jani Kirmanen from Silverskin and Visa Parviainen from Eficode. Their presentation had two parts to offer different points of the topic. The talk was started by Kirmanen, who is a specialist in cyber security. Right at the beginning […]


Devops Automation Using Docker, Kubernetes and Openshift

The second day of Devops 2016 started with a technical talk from a RedHat employee, Siamak Sadeghianfar. The focus of this talk was specifically automation of the DevOps processes with containers. He started his presentation by describing Docker, which he called a huge DevOps enabler. This, he said, is because with containers deployments become just […]


Robot Framework: Past, Present and Future

Hey, my name is Paul Laihonen and I work here at Eficode in platform support. I, as well as many others, participated in the DevOps 2016 conference a few weeks back, and would now like to write a little about a certain presentation held there by Pekka Klärck, the lead developer of Robot Framework. In […]


Enhancing development in complex environment

For those of you that didn’t make it to the DevOps 2016, this a summary of OP DevOps case presented by ICT Development Manager Jorma Rättö. The original speech was in Finnish, this is freely summarised version of it. This case example reveals what kind of challenges OP is facing with their development work and […]


Devops adaptation, lessons learned

This is my first time writing a blog post for Eficode so I think a quick introduction is necessary. My name is Elmeri Poikolainen and I work as a DevOps consultant at Eficode. My work mainly consists of automating acceptance tests, configuring environments, and working with continuous integration. I attended DevOps 2016 event this week […]