Yle Areena audit provides a driver for internal development

Yle Areena audit provides a driver for internal development


Yle Areena is an online service through which people can access Yle’s TV programmes and radio channels, as well as content specially produced for the service. Finland’s most popular internet TV and radio service was revised in 2012 with the help of several suppliers.



Increasing user rates drive needs for development

Operating as a media company for the whole nation, Yle Areena is subject to pressures for change. The number of users is growing rapidly, and much is expected of the service.

Areena’s technical implementation demands development competence. Yle wished to ensure that the system is capable of achieving the set objectives, now and in the future. Reports had already been received from the system’s suppliers, but Yle wanted to add a third-party view of the system’s status.

Eficode’s auditors were faced with the challenge of a tight schedule. The entire system, developed in a multi-vendor environment and previously unknown to the auditors, had to be mastered quickly.


System analysis revealed the current situation

Areena’s implementation was approached by interviewing stakeholders, in order to figure out such things as the perspectives of the software developers and the suppliers responsible for the project.

The system was closely examined from a technical perspective as well. Static code analysis and the study of system documentation helped to find the pressure points that might otherwise have remained hidden. Additionally, the architecture’s different components and their implementation methods were analysed.

The audit report gives guidelines for development

The results of the audit were compiled in a comprehensive document that encompassed the system’s central problem areas with suggestions for solutions. The main points were reviewed alongside Yle’s development organisation.

On the basis of the report, the system managers were able to confirm their own views on the current state of the system. Our investigative work now functions as a driver for internal development and quality improvement.

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