Tuning software production with test automation


Steeri, a company specialized in solving its customers’ sales and marketing challenges through customer data and communication tools, needed to boost up its software testing procedures. Steeri wanted to automate its test runs and chose the keyword-driven and user-friendly Robot Framework as the tool for the job. The automation was implemented in co-operation with Eficode, one of the core developers of Robot Framework.

From laborious manual testing to test automation

Steeri still conducted some of its testing procedures manually, which took a lot of working hours. Some of the tests had already been automated using a different tool, but the readability of the test data did not meet Steeri’s requirements. The Steeri staff did not have prior experience on the use of Robot Framework either. However, there was no time for long learning curves amidst hectic software development.

Eficode introduced Steeri’s employees to the basic concepts of Robot Framework and concrete test procedures. During practical exercises, the participants were given both personal advice and immediate solutions to questions raised in the course of the training.

During a compact training period, the participants created authentic test cases that Steeri could implement directly in its production.

The training method, based on practical exercises and personal guidance, made it possible to adopt Robot Framework swiftly. The compact training period yielded Steeri immediate concrete results in the form of ready test cases. Robot Framework has reduced manual work during the testing phase, and the keyword-driven approach has improved the readability of the test cases and the detection of deviations.

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