Focus shift in testing work


At Kiosked, it is desired to continuously improve software development. When examining their work, the people at Kiosked found a bottleneck within acceptance testing. This testing was conducted completely manually; the same things were tested over and over by hand.

The solution to the dilemma was the automation of acceptance testing. Help was needed with the installation of the testing environment, however, so Kiosked turned to Eficode. In their usual fashion, the Eficodeans handled the installation work neatly and quickly, and implemented a better working method for the development organisation through hands-on training. The focus of the testing work could then be shifted to searching for errors detectable only by the human eye.

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A great gaming idea is quickly transferred to players with a little help from automation.


Getting rid of excess manual work with acceptance test automation.


Steeri chose Eficode and Robot Framework to automate its test runs.